Rockstarlette Outdoors™ Active Wear Designs Inspired By Outdoor Adventure

Our Application period is now CLOSED! 

We are no longer accepting applications for staffers for 2020. We received well over 100 applications and are SO THANKFUL to everyone who took the time to apply. It is really amazing to have so many strong, badass women want to represent our clothing brand! Our review panel will be going through applications over the next 2 weeks and if we have additional questions you might be contacted for follow up information. 

We will contact every applicant between March 10-15 to let them know the status of their application. Thank you for your patience. We are only able to add about 10 staffers and it is going to be a VERY hard decision for us! Thank you so much again for applying!!

Here is a little bit about Rockstarlette Outdoors: 

Rockstarlette Outdoors Active Wear designs celebrate all of the things that you love about the outdoors!  The women who feel our brand represents them are strong and independent, tough but feminine, fierce yet kind. They believe in our motto: "Encourage. Inspire. Empower" and they are not afraid to shout out someone else's accomplishment and to cheer others on. Encouraging others in no way takes away from your own accomplishments. We believe in positivity and kindness! Our brand celebrates women who provide healthy wild fish and game for their families, who forage, who hike, camp and love to get away from the city and into the wild! Rockstarlette Outdoors Active Wear allows you to have versatile clothing designs that can go from the gym to the street, from the hiking trail to out on the town! Our designs truly represent your outdoor passions and lifestyle wherever you wear them and are proudly Made in the USA!

If you would like to order some Rockstarlette Outdoors items you may use coupon code: apply10 on our website for 10% off any order (including sale items). This coupon code will be active until March 3  - if you submitted an application for a staff position you can email photos in your RO gear to us and say "please add to application" anytime up until March 3