Rockstarlette Outdoors™ Empowering Women Outdoors

Our Motto: "Encourage. Inspire. Empower."

Rockstarlette Outdoors Women's Activewear designs represent your love for outdoor adventure!  

Our brand celebrates women who hike, camp, shoot, go 4 wheeling, snorkel, ice fish, forage, bowfish, love to get off-road and so much more!! We create versatile and flattering high quality clothing designs that can be dressed up or down, worn on the hiking trail, out for the day or to the gym! Our designs truly represent your love for adventure and lifestyle wherever you wear them! 

Great quality truly matters to us. There is a reason why all of our leggings customers are repeat buyers! Our customers often say that our leggings material "feels like butter" on their skin. Our leggings, sports bras, UPF Shirts and shorts fabrics are all highly durable and are printed through sublimation which makes them stand up to hundreds of washes without any fading. We take pride in giving you quality garments that will last and that you will love.

Our company motto is: "Encourage. Inspire. Empower." We love supporting women and girls in all of their outdoor adventures. We really love seeing women who are not afraid to shout out other's accomplishments and to cheer them on. Encouraging others in no way takes away from your own accomplishments. We believe in positivity, kindness and lifting other Women up -which is where our Motto came from! 

95% of our items are Made in the USA with the other 5% Made in Mexico (we NEVER manufacture in China!) and we always strive to keep as much of our production in the US as possible in order to create jobs for Americans! Our company is based in Northern Arizona.

Meet Our Owner and Our Team of 35 Amazing Brand Reps

Rockstarlette Outdoors Designer/ Owner Joni Marie:

Joni was born and raised in Alaska. She grew up working on a commercial fishing site with her family every summer and really valued the life lessons she learned there about hard work and a love for being in the outdoors. Joni was the co-founder of the largest archery store in the State of Alaska; which she operated for 7 years. During the years that she owned the archery shop she taught thousands of men, women and children how to shoot a bow. She was incredibly honored to receive the Diana Award from Safari Club International for her work in Conservation and working to grow the sport of archery through education. Joni also loves fishing, hiking, off-roading, photography, traveling and is a passionate 2nd amendment supporter. She is an avid bowhunter, having taken 26 big game animals with her bow.  She created Rockstarlette Outdoors company motto: "Encourage. Inspire. Empower." because of her outlook on supporting and encouraging other women. "A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle" is one of her favorite sayings, meaning that you lose nothing of yourself by cheering on others. She is a firm believer in the power of sisterhood and works hard to have a staff that uphold those values in the way that they represent the brand. Joni designs all of the Rockstarlette Outdoors items and patterns herself and is proud to be a Small American Business. She has recently relocated to Arizona.

Representing RO in Ohio and Canada: Steph

"Growing up in the Midwest I was beyond blessed to live an outdoor lifestyle.  Hunting, fishing and gathering have been a way of life since as early as I can remember. Hiking through the woods, riding ATV's, getting muddy, playing in the creeks and streams always kept me outdoors.  I enjoy many sports such as softball, volleyball, golf, snow skiing and water skiing.  When I was only 16 years old I took up the sport of skydiving.  I guess you could call me a little bit of an adrenaline junkie.  My life revolves around the seasons.  I enjoy hunting whitetails, turkey, rabbits, coyotes and squirrels.  Some of my hunts have taken me across the country and the globe.  One of my favorite spring time activities is picking morel mushrooms.  This is something I've always enjoyed doing with my friends and family since I was just a child.  Finding mushrooms when I was young will remain one of my fondest memories.  I spend most of my summers gardening and preparing for the whitetail season in Ohio.  I am very involved in land management and conservation.  The last year I donated my time to the local Safari Club International chapter to help educate the blind through a Sensory Safari trailer they provide.  It has been a humbling experience to be part of such a great organization.  I have met so many wonderful women  through working in the outdoor industry and my time spent representing amazing companies like Rockstarlette Outdoors who continually inspire and encourage women to pursue their passions no matter what they are!"

Representing RO in North Dakota: Courtney W 

In her own words:

"I was introduced to the outdoors at a very young age by my father, tagging along with him every chance I got when he was farming, hunting, and fishing. He taught me a lot of valuable skills and I still enjoy fishing and deer hunting with him every chance I get. I was introduced to archery in 2013 and it quickly became a passion. I spend as much time as possible outdoors and I have a wide variety of outdoor interests including fishing, ice fishing, hiking, horseback riding, and camping. I'm always looking to expand my outdoor knowledge and skills and pick up new outdoor hobbies.

JoniGreat thank youRepresenting RO in Utah: Brand Ambassador: Kandis

Representing RO on Oklahoma: Kelly 

In her own words: 

" I grew up riding horses in 4-H and rodeo, helping my parents raise Registered Angus cattle, and showing my own livestock through FFA. Agriculture is a big part of my life. I believe in providing for as many others as I can. My husband and I currently have over 500 acres of alfalfa that we bale each summer into hay and we also raise Registered Gelbvieh/Balancer beef cattle. Ive always loved the outdoors, fishing etc... but It wasn't until I met my husband over a decade ago that I was introduced to the world of hunting. Once I felt the rush of being up close and personal with the wildlife surrounding me, I was hooked. I love the closeness I feel with nature and with God, especially while bowhunting. As a mother of two children, I love helping teach them about this way of life. I'm so incredibly blessed to be a part of this amazing Rockstarlette Outdoors team. "

Representing RO in Louisiana: Laikin

 "I am from Grand Chenier, Louisiana where the outdoor lifestyle is known as a religion in this small town. Growing up as my dads sidekick in the outdoors, I've learned so much - from conservation to harvesting. My fondest memories are growing up with my twin brother at my dads feet in a deer stand. I live for new adventures and and making memories. I am into fitness, I am a Certified Personal Trainer who enjoys mud runs and training. Training plays a huge part into my life outdoors and it's very beneficial for successful hunts. Although filling the freezer is the true prize to fishing and hunting - making memories with my family and friends is also what its all about for me. We enjoy frogging, bowhunting, shrimping, crabbing, gator hunting, fishing and bowfishing. My favorite thing is fishing tournaments with my dad, we are the true dynamic duo! My husband and I are expecting a little boy soon and we can't wait to raise him up in the outdoors just as we were! "

Representing RO in Arizona: Charr

Charr grew up in Eagle River, Alaska. The outdoors has always been a big part of her life: fishing, hiking, camping, shooting, hunting, and traveling. Soon after High School she started working for a Law Enforcement agency in Alaska as their front-line Recruiter and after getting her undergraduate degree she attended the University of Cincinnati and completed her Masters Degree in Criminal Justice. She is passionate about the outdoors. She grew up fishing for salmon and trout with her father on the Russian and Kenai River in Alaska. After relocating to Arizona she picked up bass fishing and enjoys local fishing tournaments in the Phoenix area. As a passionate 2A supporter, Charr has been published in various tactical/firearms magazines such as World of Firepower Magazine, Recoil, Ballistic Magazine, and Personal and Home Defense Magazine. She enjoys providing seminars such as pistols 101, long range shooting and hunting for beginners classes at Bass Pro Shops in Arizona. She also spends time teaching and fishing with kids in her community. She has always had a passion for helping people and believes in giving back to the community as much as she can. Charr loves to empower women and continually inspires others to get outdoors. She truly believes in living your life to the fullest each and every day. Every weekend you’ll see her wandering in the great outdoors and traveling. People forget the beauty of nature. Charr believes that jobs fill your pocket, but adventures fill your soul. Charr perfectly represents our company motto of "Encourage. Inspire. Empower." 

Representing RO in New Mexico: Jessica

In her own words, "I’m a small town, New Mexico girl, wife and mother of two amazing boys. My love for the outdoors started when I was a little girl and has continued to grow into a lifestyle I love and share with my family. Before becoming a stay at home mom, my passion and work was helping those in need. I would often prescribe outdoor activities as means of therapy: Getting outside, challenging yourself, trying something new! I believe getting outdoors can be the best medicine. Whether I’m hunting, fishing on the lake, shooting my bow or walking with my boys, I’m soaking it all in, living in the moment and taking any adventure I can get! Being a part of Rockstarlette Outdoors is a great place to share my love for the outdoors, support others with their own adventures and connect with some amazing women! I am so grateful to be a part of such an amazing sisterhood!"

Representing RO in Nevada: Jenna-Lee

Jenna-Lee was born and raised in South Africa. Her love for the outdoors came at a young age when her family would fish the many gorgeous beaches of South Africa. Her upbringing brought a deep connection to nature. Jenna-Lee moved to Canada as a teenager and then to Montana in 2018 where she found a new passion, archery. Her love for hunting was unexpected and has now become a huge part of her life, not only for herself but for her three children. Jenna-Lee currently lives in Nevada and is trying to get her family back to Montana. Outside of raising her family and archery, Jenna-Lee is an author of two novels and occasionally sings badly while trying to play guitar!

Representing RO in Oklahoma: Bethany

In her own words: “I’m from the middle of God’s country, Oklahoma. I’m grateful for the outdoor life I was born into. I started competing in archery at the age of seven and still continue to do so. Archery has always been very important to our family, so much so that my son’s name is Archer. I have a true passion for the outdoors and helping to encourage other women. I have hunted and fished all over the US and Canada. I love fishing and doing everything the diverse state of Oklahoma has to offer. I also love running, working out and hiking. If it involves being outside Archer and I are there! I’ve worked for the Oklahoma wildlife department in the past and I now work for the USDA-FSA taking care of America’s farmers and ranchers. I’m always looking to learn and improve in my life and love this great opportunity to be a part of Rockstarlette Outdoors, they have such a wholesome outlook for women in the outdoors!”

Representing RO in Nevada: Lorina

"I am born, raised, and currently reside in Las Vegas, Nevada. When most people think of Vegas it’s all about the bright lights. However, for me, it's about trying to get out to the beautiful mountains surrounding the city instead. I fell in love with being outdoors when I was little and my family would spend weeks during the summer at Mount Charleston. While some adults were in RVs, all the kids were in tents and from there my love for adventure grew. We would wander off as far as we could, and as I grew older I have kept that love for the outdoors. I still love to camp, hike and wander through the woods. But I have also fallen in love with shooting my .308 rifle, fishing at the lake, and most recently going off-roading in our truck. I am lucky I get to enjoy all these adventures with my wife who also pushes me to try new things. I am excited to be a part of Rockstarlette Outdoors and to have more women to Encourage, Inspire and Empower me. I hope that I get to do the same for others

Representing RO in Pennsylvania: Rebecca

In her own words: "I was born and raised in Pennsylvania. I have spent my entire life in the outdoors, I have both my parents to thank for my passions. Since before I could walk, my parents made the wilderness my babysitter. I am an avid hunter of most game, Archery Whitetail, Waterfowl, and Spring Turkey being top of my list. I love fishing anything and everything, Musky my number one pursuit. I love hiking and camping, especially in the fall when the leaves are turning. I have been Cross Country Skiing since the age of favorite cardiovascular workout. My newest pursuit has been kayaking and kayak angling, which I have to say has stole my heart. My home life revolves around living off the land...a huge garden, Fall and Winter harvests, and alot of firewood fuel our home. I am also very passionate about writing and I find inspiration in the outdoors life that I live everyday. 
I am so proud to be a part of Rockstarlette Outdoors. This company embraces and embodies EVERYTHING that I believe in. I am fortunate to have been raised in an environment that has aloud me to grow in the outdoors, as well as life. I look forward to paying it forward by Encouraging, Inspiring, and Empowering others to do the same."

Representing RO in Wyoming: Diane

In her own words, "I am a true Wyoming-ite, born and raised. Wild things and wild places have always been a part of my life. I grew up in a family that enjoyed the outdoors, fishing, canoeing, hunting, camping, snow shoeing and more. I enjoy the outdoors with my family, my friends and helping others savor our wonderful resources. I feed my passion for the outdoors by teaching Hunters Education with the Wyoming Game & Fish Department, pistol and shotgun clinics and survival classes to our local 4h youth. I love the unique, fun clothing line and sisterhood that Rockstarlette Outdoors promotes, and having a matching clothing line for our younger generation speaks volumes for inspiring our youth. Encouraging our sisters to succeed in such a positive environment is powerful." 

Representing RO in California: Sasha

I was born and raised in northern California. My dad’s side of the family are from Alabama and I would visit there every year. I Learned to love the outdoors with my uncle and dad. I absolutely love turkey hunting. I am a hounds woman and  have 6 hounds that I love to take hunting when possible. I also am very big into 4wheeling, dirtbike riding ,camping, UTV racing, and concert going. I’ve been rock crawling for the past 15 years and being out in the mountains challenging yourself over obstacles is such a rush.  I love showing the boys how it’s done!  I love being a part of Rockstarlette Outdoors and encouraging  women to try new things and get outside!

Representing RO in Canada: Mandy

 In her own words, "I grew up in Northern BC, Canada, where my parents introduced me to the outdoor lifestyle from a very young age. My earliest, and fondest, memories involve fishing for salmon, camping, hunting, hiking in the woods, picking berries, and playing in my mom’s garden. I don’t think I really appreciated my time in the outdoors, until I missed being outside in the fall during my studies at university. I realized what an important impact it had, and continues to have, on my mental health and wellbeing. I feel truly connected to myself, my roots, and the land when I’m outdoors. Being an outdoors woman is an empowering experience. I look to Encourage, Inspire, and Empower other women to get out and enjoy themselves doing any outdoors pursuits!"

Representing RO in Idaho: Shannon 

In her own words:
"I have been incredibly blessed to have such an outdoorsy family. I have a specific passion for bowhunting. I enjoy sharing my outdoor adventure stories through writing. I have been honored to have my stories featured in several magazines and online blogs. I also have a great love for fishing, especially ice fishing. I couldn’t think of anything I would rather be doing during the cold winter months! In the spring I enjoy competing in 3-D archery shoots, looking for Sheds, and looking for morel mushrooms. During the summer you will find me camping every weekend in the gorgeous mountains of Idaho and riding atv’s in search of new and exciting scenery. I am so thrilled to be a part of the Rockstarlette Outdoors team and everything that they stand for! Encourage, Inspire, Empower!"

Representing RO in Montana: Kelsey

In her own words, "Growing up on a lake in WI made me an outdoors woman from the start. I became a Certified Vet Tech and mustang trainer in Montana. Any chance I get I am archery hunting in the mountains for elk, riding horses, catching catfish, or shed hunting with my dogs. When I'm not running the mountain I love partaking in 5k races with my dogs and helping shelter pets. I love traveling the country meeting like minded country women. I get to share and empower others with my love for hunting and fishing through Rockstarlette Outdoors gear!"

Representing RO in Arizona: Megan
"I am a desert rat and a native of Arizona. Ever since I can remember, my parents made sure we were always outside living life. Being inside watching TV or playing video games wasn’t an option. Every weekend, we packed up the truck and headed out on some type of Arizona adventure – fishing, hiking, exploring, camping, boating, four wheeling, riding dirtbikes/quads, etc. I carried these same values into my adult life and I couldn’t imagine life without my outdoor activities! Some of my favorite outdoor activities include hiking, backpacking, camping, shooting, hunting for petroglyphs, archery, fishing, four wheeling in my RZR, kayaking, kayak fishing, yoga, and bird hunting! I feel so fortunate to be a part of Rockstarlette Outdoors because the brand empowers women! We live in a world where people would rather be mean/criticize others instead of lifting them up and Rockstarlette Outdoors breaks that mold by bringing women of the outdoors together!" 

Representing RO in Oklahoma: Courtney S

In her own words, "I’m from a small town in Oklahoma. I have always had a love for the outdoors. That love grew when I discovered archery in 2014. I love to hunt, fish, hike, anything involving the outdoors. One of my favorite things to do is kayak fish with my husband, Cameron. We have 3 daughters, Camden, Delilah and Lillian and they all enjoy the outdoors as well. I love being a part of Rockstarlette Outdoors because of the mission, and how it’s connected me to other wonderful women. It’s incredible to see women supporting women, and I’m proud to be a part of a brand that’s focused on that"

Representing RO in Nebraska: Angie

In her own words:"I grew up tagging along with dad on bird and coyote hunts, and now he tags along with me! My parents both instilled a love for the outdoors in me and along with my husband have been great encouragers and a huge support system for my crazy habits. I love everything outdoors including fishing and trapping. I've been bowhunting for 20 years and am also self taught in spear hunting. Challenging myself is my greatest adventure! I also love gardening, canning my own food and making custom jewelry and belts! I am very passionate about sharing what I love with others and helping them get a start on their outdoor adventures. Rockstarlette Outdoors is a wonderful group and platform to continue that and I'm grateful for the opportunity to be on this team!"

Representing RO in Washington: Shannan 

Shannan inspires us every day with her strength, positivity and commitment to health. She has survived not one, but TWO brain tumor surgeries and is stronger than ever and more committed to helping others achieve their own health and fitness. Shannon fell in love with Rockstarlette Outdoors when she attended one of our Ladies Group Adventure Camping trips and joined our team a year later. She is a hair stylist, personal fitness coach, mother and wife and divides her time between Washington and Alaska.

Representing RO in Minnesota: Missy

In her own words, "I grew up in a very outdoor oriented family, from fishing to cross country skiing. My sister and I spent many years perfecting the art of falling asleep on a 5 gallon pale in the deer stand and not falling over. Through the years I've learned a lot of things....patience was a big one but isn't about the hunt it's about the experience and the memories that you make. These are things I want to share with our little girl one day. My husband and I enjoy a lot of out door activities together fishing, camping but mainly we enjoy exploring/hiking. We have tried to hit as many state and national parks as we can together. My main hobby though is trapshooting. I shoot competitively and I volunteer coach for a local high school team. Ironically, one of my main competitors is a young lady on the team I help coach. It is great to watch her kick some butt, even though more often then not she's kicking mine! Trapshooting is a mind game for sure it's you, the gun and that piece of clay flying through the air. One wrong move and you miss. Trapshooting is something I share with my dad and the big bet of the day is loser buys ice either way it's a win because we still both get ice cream! I'm excited to be a part of the RO team because I love what the motto stands for, we all need a little more positivity in our world and women supporting women is the way to do it!"  

Representing RO in California: Melissa

In her own words, "I grew up in the concrete jungle of the city and discovered my love of firearms and the outdoors as an adult. I didn't grow up with anyone teaching me about shooting, I discovered my interest when I got to test out a full auto SCAR in AZ for the first time. I was hooked. I went back home to San Diego and started shooting guns at my local range, found a trainer for competition shooting and 3 months later I was competing in USPSA matches and local steel matches. I'm now a certified NRA Instructor, Defensive Handgun Instructor through Force Options USA, the Marketing & Social Media Manager for San Diego County Gun Owners and the co-host of Gun Owners Radio. I am also a co-host on several gun related podcasts and I volunteer as a mentor at shooting socials, teaching new female gun owners how to shoot with proper gun safety. In addition to shooting I also enjoys hiking, camping and landscape photography."
Please join us in welcoming Mel to the Rockstarlette Outdoors team!! You can shop on our website with her coupon code mel10 for 10% off any order!! If you share her passion for guns, check out our gun logo section for our 2A, handgun and shotgun logo designs!!

Representing RO in New York: Erica

In her own words, "I am a born and raised farmer from a small town. Being outdoors is a huge part of my family and family is everything. I started fishing at a young age while camping with my family. I would use a big green stick, tie line and a hook to it and a worm I dug up from the beach. I would catch little sunfish and bluegill and even the occasional bass this way. As I got older my family realized my love for fishing and started to buy me real fishing rods and reels. As a teen when I first got my license to drive I would head to our local streams for trout. Trout have always been my favorite. I met a very nice older gentleman at this stream and he got me into fly fishing. From the second I saw him cast I had to learn. I have been a fly fisherman ever since. Every time I get to fish I look back to those days. A kind stranger teaching me how to fly fish.
I also got into hunting with my family at a young age and have loved it ever since. 
My passion for the outdoors always comes from memories with my family and we all strive to protect the habitats in which our harvested animals live. I am the kind of person that joins any conservation efforts I can get involved in. The outdoors are very important to me. Getting others outside is also important to me. I always say, "get others into the outdoors, they will love it, and they will act to protect it!"

Representing RO in Louisiana: Colleen

"I was born and raised in South Louisiana. I’m just your average country/Cajun girl that loves to get muddy and spread laughs. I love any and all outdoor adventures, if I haven’t done it yet, I want to learn! I love hiking, exploring the outdoors, and traveling to different states to experience all of the different forms of nature, and try to learn as much as I can."

Representing RO in California: Demi

In her own words, “I have always loved to be outdoors. I think it started when my Dad would take my sisters and I camping and a bear came into our camp. I was stoked! No one else was. LOL!
I’ve realized being outside in nature makes me a better person. Stressed? Nature! Bored? Nature! Hungry? Nature! Now that I have kids I love sharing my joy of nature with them. Teaching them how to fish, shoot, respect and live off the land has been a challenge and an honor. Watching them enjoy the wonders of the outdoors and seeing their love grow is what makes it all worth it.
I am excited to be a part of Rockstarlette Outdoors and get to know all these amazing women who also love the outdoors like I do”

Representing RO in Vermont: Jenell: 

In her own words:
“ I work as a Registered Respiratory Therapist, spending a lot of time in a hospital; so getting outside in my free time is a must! Vermont has been my home for the last 20 years and the fall foliage is hands down my favorite time of year, the colorful leaves are absolutely stunning. I enjoy hiking, kayaking, snowshoeing, camping, working out, and most recently mountain biking with my new fat tire bike. I also enjoy the ocean and watching spectacular sunrises and sunsets. There is nothing like the sounds and smells of nature. My husband introduced me to archery in 2016 and I’ve loved it ever since. 3D archery shoots are my favorite! One thing I’ve learned is that you are never too old to try new things when it comes to outdoor adventures. I am so grateful to be a part of the sisterhood of Rockstarlette Outdoors and hope to “Encourage, Inspire, and Empower” other women to get outside and have some fun!”

Representing RO in Oklahoma: Brittany

We are so excited to welcome Brittany to the Rockstarlette Outdoors Team!
In her own words, "I grew up in smalltown Oklahoma and was introduced to fun in the outdoors at a young age! Growing up in my dad’s shadow – he taught me how to bait a hook, cook while camping, water ski, and would even take me to the field house every chance he could so I could workout with him… all before kindergarten! However, my dad never had patience for hunting, so I wasn’t introduced to it until I met my husband. Our first date almost 9 years ago, was a duck hunt! I’ve been obsessed ever since. Overall, turkey hunting is my absolute favorite! We’ve traveled all over the US to turkey hunt – from Hawaii, to Florida, to Montana, and everywhere in between – each state is so unique and beautiful to hunt.
I am an Occupational Therapist and currently do pediatric home health. Working with special needs kiddo’s is my dream job and I’ve really enjoyed introducing them to various outdoor activities as well! I also enjoy creating workout programs for individuals who want to live a healthy and active lifestyle but have no idea where to start, or need some extra accountability. Being fit is crucial to being active outdoors and I’m so thankful I was introduced to a healthy lifestyle so young. Now that I’ve met my husband and we harvest our own meat, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed trying out new recipes and finding fun ways to cook wild game. We also have a little boy who’s about to turn 2, and his favorite thing to eat is venison or duck sausage and he absolutely loves being outside! We’ve taken him on a few hunts so far and I’m so grateful to be raising him right!"

Representing RO in Michigan: Heather

We are so excited to introduce you to Heather! In her own words: “Born and Raised in a small farm town in Michigan, by a father who always has a need for adventure, surely formed who I am today. He introduced me to bowhunting, fishing, and outdoor adventuring at a very young age. I now have a daughter of my own who has been thrown fully into that same lifestyle.
Our family embraces an outdoor lifestyle including: gardening and canning, flower gardens, Ice Fishing, Running Dogs and everything in between. We live for the next adventure, and spend a lot of time traveling and hunting. We have a kennel full of 8-10 hounds that fill our winters with hunting adventures and we generally find ourselves in the Alaska bush a few times a year on some wild adventure.
I am always looking for more outdoor experiences and new ladies to share those stories and adventures with. I am Beyond excited to join this Sisterhood of amazing outdoor women at Rockstarlette Outdoors!”

Representing RO in Missouri: Jessica

Join us in welcoming Jessica to the Rockstarlette Outdoors Team!
In her own words “I grew up in a very sports minded family and played every possible sport. I did some fishing as a kid, rode horses occasionally, and visited both sets of grandparents on their farms a lot. As an adult, my idea of getting outdoors has changed. I have 2 daughters and my husband and I are trying to encourage them to be outside doing everything. We are still very sports centered, but have added a lot of interests. I enjoy hiking with my family and trying to find new places to hike as often as we can. I enjoy riding a motorcycle. I also really enjoy getting to shoot my handgun. I was introduced to archery by my husband and our oldest daughter has really taken to it. I shoot in national and local archery tournaments and I have become involved in several archery organizations. My main focus and goal is to encourage women and girls to get outdoors and be involved somehow. It is the main reason I was drawn to RO. Their mission, is my mission. I want to encourage, inspire, and empower.”

Representing RO in New Hampshire: Cindy 

We are excited to introduce you to Cindy, representing Rockstarlette Outdoors in New Hampshire!
In her own words “I am a school speech-language pathologist and love working with kids! After almost 20 years in the long term care setting it’s been a complete joy to work with the opposite end of the spectrum.
I also have a health and fitness side hustle that has completely changed my life. As a former college athlete I was shocked to see the girl looking back at me in the mirror and took the first steps to take back my life. I love helping other women find strength in themselves in areas where they’d lost hope or had closed the door on that part of themselves.
10 years ago, I was fortunate enough to rekindle a relationship with the love of my life who has made the outdoors a huge part of his life. Since that day, we have spent countless hours in the woods. I never realized how much I would cherish the time spent sitting in the woods by myself, which I would have never done without his involvement. Sitting around the kitchen counter at camp deciding where we'd each go for the day to hunt are some of the best memories, and stories. We also love our time in our double tree stand and being together outdoors. When it's not hunting season we enjoy skiing, hiking, golfing and boating near our home in New Hampshire, the beauty and views here never get old.
I am incredibly blessed to be in a place where I can do all the things that make my heart sing and I'm excited to lock arms with the Rockstarlette Outdoors women who love to encourage, inspire and empower!”

Representing RO in Minnesota: Sara

In her own words: “Hey y’all! Sara here, a born and raised Minnesota gal from the Land of 10,000 Lakes! From infancy through adulthood, I have always been rooted to the Great Outdoors. As a youngin, my grandparents would take me camping and fishing, creating the most wonderful memories a child could have. Ice fishing was our absolute favorite as we’d stay in the ice house for days at a time and slay various species of fish. As I grew older, my appetite grew bigger as I wanted to expand my interests and hobbies. I wanted to learn to shoot, to hunt, to live off the land and raise livestock of my own. 

Fast forward to the present, and here I am, living the best of all worlds. Farming, deep within the Kabetogama forest of northern MN. My husband and our two children live a life of which we’ve worked so hard to obtain. I am a stay at home mother who homeschools our children, teaching them old school values in hope to build character, self-worth and self-reliance. 

When I say farming, we raise a herd of Nigerian Dwarf Goats of which we utilize for both profit and their rich, high butterfat goat milk. I own and operate a Goat Milk Soap business! I also have a passion, a semi-addiction to horses. We have rescued a few, but our focus is on our herd of beautiful, smaller draft horses called the Gypsy Vanner, or Irish Cob. They produce the most magnificent foals, and are a joy to show, ride and drive in local events! 

When I’m not tending to farm chores, chances are, you’ll find me on the river! We live on a pristine body of water of which provides us with o’plenty of fish to fill the freezer, year round. Then of course, there’s hunting. Whitetail deer are my favorite big game animal to hunt, and ruffed grouse would be my choice for small game. Foraging for mushrooms and berries is another hobby of mine of which I thoroughly enjoy. Thankfully, our property has an abundance of Lobster mushrooms, Chicken of the Woods, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and blackberries. I then revert back to my kitchen where I slave away on baking, cooking and canning for my family.

I’m a diverse woman, and truth be told, there isn’t anything I won’t try once! Personally, I enjoy having 4 seasons here. Each and every one offers a challenge, yet a bountiful reward if you’re willing to take the good with the bad! I am elated, and honored to be a part of this beautiful tribe of women, with Rockstarlette Outdoors. The company motto, “Encourage, Inspire, Empower” holds merit to me as I am all about women supporting women! I believe other women are not my competition. I stand with them, not against them!”

Representing RO in Arizona: Julie

In her own words “Born and raised in Arizona, I am very blessed that I get to call Northern Arizona home. Hunting, fishing, shooting, mountain biking and Jeep trails are all located in our backyard and we spend a lot of our time enjoying it. My husband got me into archery and rifle hunting. We also spend our summers at Lake Powell boating, striper fishing and paddle boarding. I am a mom of 2 adult children, 1 military and 1 college student who also grew up in this lifestyle. I am very excited to be a part of this sisterhood and encourage other women to become more passionate about the outdoors!”

Representing RO in Arizona: Jenna D

Representing RO in Oklahoma: Amy

In her own words: “I wasn't raised living in the country or even going hunting. However, I raised 4 sons & hunting for 2 of them was their livelihood. I didn't get introduced to hunting till my husband & best friend asked me if I wanted to learn 5 years ago. He taught me the basics & from there I have been a sponge learning & continually being out in the woods as often as possible. Its a place where I find 'peace' & can reconnect with myself where no distractions come about. 
My story however hasn't been my hunting life it truly resides in the fact I have a Bachelors of Science Degree in Dental Hygiene & practiced for 20+ years. The last 5yrs felt disconnected & spiraled into depression due to job related expectations. In June of 2021 my 3rd son asked me to celebrate his college graduation by skydiving & I faced my greatest fear that day but when my feet hit the ground something new stirred inside me. 
I decided to go to school for taxidermy & October of 2021 I quit my job/20+year career in the dental field to open up my own shop & am the operator of PrimeTime Taxidermy. 
God has blessed me by sending me my clients, sending me on a journey that I've prayed for years, a family & friends that are 100% supportive & by giving me the opportunity to inspire others to chase their dreams, learn a new hobby or to just believe they are enough 'just the way they are'. 
Thank you for the opportunity to encourage other women and inspire them to live life to their fullest potential~ Rockstarlette Outdoors is all about this & I am honored to be apart of it!”

Representing RO in Texas: Kimberly 

In her own words, "Hey y’all, I’m Kim! I would describe myself as a down home, Jesus lovin, country girl! Born and raised in good ol’ Texas! 
I’m an outdoor junkie, and you can always find me on a new adventure! I love fishing with my family, especially for large mouth bass! I grew up fishing with my daddy and I have passed down this tradition to my own daughter. Even my service dog, Remy loves fishing, lol! 
I also love camping out of my Jeep! Nothing beats watching the sunrise from the comfort of your jacked up Jeep!! I also love checking out new hiking trails and finding new camping spots with my fiancé! Keep your soul clean and your boots dirty!"

Representing RO in Arizona: Kellsie

In her own words “My name is Kellsie, I am 25 years old, I love Coffee, Jesus and the Outdoors! I am mother to two wonderful toddlers, and a bonus mom to an amazing girl! 

Currently, I work full time as a dental assistant but I am also attending GCU with plans to earn my Bachelors in Psychology by 2025. As you can probably tell.. I’m pretty busy! But something that’s always brought me comfort is the outdoors. I have always loved to be outside! 

One of my favorite childhood memories is going fishing with my dad at the river in the small town I grew up in. I actually even won one of the fishing derbys in my town. In 2019 I met the love of my life, Jace, and he really showed me how amazing the outdoors can be. I didn’t just find a life partner, I found one of the best hunting and fishing buddies a person could ask for. After meeting Jace I was able to harvest my very first deer, a muley here in AZ! (Check out Hatfields Adventures on YouTube) shameless plug lol* I learned it is about harvesting one of Gods creations to put food on the table for our families, exactly like He has intended.

When I’m not scouting  I love to go fishing! Especially for blue gill! It is so fun to be able to teach my kids how to fish for them because all you need is a pole and a worm!

I am so excited to have been given the opportunity to be apart of Rockstarlette Outdoors, it is one of my dreams to represent a brand that motivates women and empowers them in everyday life and the outdoors! Follow along with me because I can’t wait to share all of my outdoor adventures with you!”

Representing RO in New Mexico: Jessica D

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