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We love to arrange group fishing, camping or hunting trips for women!! Spending time outdoors is something that everyone on our staff is passionate about. Being able to have that experience with a group and sharing it with other women makes it even more amazing!! Rockstarlette Outdoors is all about helping women make connections with other women to get outdoors together. We arrange several women's group trips every year and every one of them have been incredible experiences with amazing memories for the participants!! Plus, members of our team come along too to  encourage, support and cheer you on! Scroll down to read about upcoming group trip opportunities (and see pics of past adventures)!! And please follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see when we open up new trips!!!

All of our 2017 trips were so amazing; thank you to everyone who participated! 

Check back here for our upcoming 2018 opportunities! 

Here are some photos from some of our past group trips which include adventures in: Missouri, Kansas, Idaho, Hawaii, South Africa, Alaska, Florida, and more!!