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  • SALE 30% OFF, Camo Vintage Wash Rockstarlette Outdoors Logo V Neck T Shirt, Ultra Soft

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    Rockstarlette Outdoors Logo Vintage Wash Ultra Soft V Neck in Camo 

    30% OFF while supplies last!!

    This T Shirt is SUPER soft and comfortable; fabric has been treated with a "burnout" process that gives it a worn in vintage look. This process also makes the T shirt feel - from day 1 - like those favorite T shirts that you have that are "worn in" over the years! Please note; this garment will lighten and look more "vintage" the more you wash it. This is part of the appeal of this style of T shirt and is totally normal!

    Printed with eco-friendly inks in the USA! 

    Size XL (10-12), (*Sold out of all other sizes)